Light on weight. Heavy on magic.

eSight has invented the most cutting-edge technology to restore sight.

Sight. Crafted for your unique lifestyle

eSight’s lightweight, hands-free design lets you actively shape the special moments in your life — wherever they may be and with whomever you share them. We use breakthrough technology, and an unprecedented integration of hardware and software, to help you see what's in front of you, in stunning clarity and in real-time.

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Be Hands-Free

Seize the freedom to be active and do more of the things you love.

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See Instantly

See the world around you at the push of a button.

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Be Mobile

Move freely with seamless access to peripheral vision and virtually no lag.

Clearer than clear.

See your life in stunning clarity.

Effortlessly focus on the things you love, whether you are painting, traveling, watching TV, or doing whatever else your heart desires.

Watch, and learn.

Study without boundaries.

Industry-leading 24x zoom, so that you can see the whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom, and take photos right from your device to view later.

A super computer, now in front of your eyes.

Be faster and more collaborative.

Plug in directly to your computer through HDMI to bring your workflow to life.

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