Our story is inspired by the hundreds of millions who live with vision impairment.

And our work is dedicated to empowering them, by helping them see.

Why we created eSight

Our movement began when our founder dared to dream of a better world for his two visually impaired sisters. He wanted nothing more than to see them be truly mobile and independent — free of the limitations that came with vision loss, and the many single-purpose assistive devices that had become the norm.

Inspired by those who live with low vision, our team of world class Visioneers have poured years of hard work into turning this dream into a reality.

What we value deeply

Our core belief is that Everyone Deserves To See. We believe in universal access to sight and the experiences, both essential and beautiful, that it enables.

Now that a technology as transformational as eSight exists, we will turn the tide on the sky-high unemployment rates, educational challenges, and discrimination that have followed the visually impaired for far too long.

eSight is more than just a revolutionary technology. It's a movement. Join us.

I’m a teacher.

Advocate for your school or district to provide eSight, at no cost, to its visually impaired students. Consider speaking directly with decision makers in your school or education board. You can also host fundraisers like raffles, bake sales and silent auctions to contribute, on behalf of your school, to a student who will have their educational experience transformed with sight.

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I'm a politician.

Individuals living with vision loss do not currently have direct government support for their eSight. As a politician, you can be the agent of change for public institutions to change the lives of their visually impaired constituents at a relatively low cost. Share information about eSight with your fellow colleagues and lawmakers. Reach out to us for more information.

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I’m a healthcare professional.

Knowledge is power, so it is only fair that anybody who might have their lives changed by eSight is aware of it. You can make a significant impact by sharing information about eSight with your healthcare network, particularly your colleagues working in vision and ophthalmology.

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I’m an employer.

Over 70% of the visually impaired around the world are unemployed in spite of being an incredibly hard working community. If you employ someone who is visually impaired, provide them with eSight to expand their independence and mobility at work. If not, tackle the unemployment rate head-on by hiring a qualified individual who is visually impaired and providing them with eSight. Lastly, consider giving the gift of eSight to a visually impaired person in your community on behalf of your organization.

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I'm part of a non-profit.

Non-profit organizations commonly start initiatives to raise money and awareness for inspirational individuals who need help affording eSight. You can fundraise with your organization to give sight or work directly with someone who is actively fundraising for their own eSight. Additionally, share eSight with your community and donor network to spread awareness about this breakthrough technology.

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I’m a member of the media.

There are currently hundreds of visually impaired individuals with a compelling story about how sight can completely change the way they connect with their world. Help share and broadcast their stories to advance their cause.

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I’m a family member.

Support your family member's eSight journey. Offer to call us on your family member's behalf, if they do not feel comfortable doing so themselves, and share what you learn with them. Suggest arranging their trial or demonstration, and the transportation to their demo location if needed. If your family member needs to fundraise, help them set up their contribution page and spread the word.

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I’m living with vision loss.

Learn more about eSight's breakthrough technology and how it can immediately enhance your vision. Call our incredible team to learn more and try eSight for yourself. If eSight helps enhance your sight, do not perceive its price as a permanent barrier. Our Affordability Advocates will work with you to fundraise and connect you with grants and bursaries in your area.

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Your Vision Is Our Vision

For individuals who cannot afford the entire cost of eSight, we are pioneering a one-of-a-kind program dedicated to helping these individuals. Contact us.

Over 81,000 have joined our mission. Will you join us?

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